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Why Presto?

Ridiculously convenient recipes

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Just 10 minutes of prep

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All cooking done "hands off" in the oven

Only 1 sheet pan and 2 bowls used to minimize clean-up


Smarter than meal kits


Less packaging waste

Ingredients delivered from your local Whole Foods means no cardboard boxes or ice packs.


Less sugar, salt and fat

We use 30% less sugar, salt, and fat than similar recipes for leading meal kits. 


No subscriptions or recurring orders

Order what you want, when you want it. Same day delivery possible with the Grocery Wizard.


Cost goes down over time

You can reuse pantry items like spices so future orders cost less.

Easier than recipe websites


Easy grocery orders

We handle your grocery delivery, or add ingredients to your Whole Foods order in under 1 minute.

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Curated ingredients

We've tested thousands of products across cities to find the ones that work the best for our recipes.


Timing you can trust

We rigorously test our prep and cook times so you can be confident in our estimates.

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